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  • What are Ordinals?
    In Layman's terms, Bitcoin ordinals refer to digital artifacts permanently recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each image is stored on-chain and is identified by a unique ordinal number, indicating the specific moment when the recording was captured on Bitcoin called an inscription. In Basic terms its NFT's on Bitcoin.
  • What is the significance of Inscription Numbers?
    Inscription numbers in Bitcoin ordinals play a crucial role by indicating the approximate time when the inscription was initially recorded on the Bitcoin Blockchain (minus an old protocol of Cursed inscription). The ordinal numbers follow a sequential pattern, with lower numbers representing the early pioneers of Bitcoin—those unique moments that cannot be duplicated.
  • Where to buy a Clay Collective?
    Clay Collective Creatures can be bought and sold on any ordinals marketplace, we recommend Magic Eden, as they were our partner in Launching the majority of our creatures.
  • What are Rare Sats?
    Sats (Satoshis) represent the smallest unit of a bitcoin, akin to cents in a dollar. A Bitcoin comprises 100 million sats. Casey Rodarmor introduced the 'Rodamor Rarity Index' through his creation of Ordinals Theory, categorizing specific sats in distinct epochs as rare. Also Bitcoin allows us to delve into provenance, revealing the history of who possessed the sats. These can be from specific transactions, historic blocks, or even directly from Satoshi's wallet, offering a fascinating narrative.
  • What are Block 9 sats?
    Block 9 sats hold distinct significance as they encompass being the oldest in circulation, originating from Satoshi's mining, marking the initial sats sent in a peer-to-peer transaction, and being the first sats received by Hal Finney in that inaugural transaction. Among these, Block 9 sats claim the top spot in terms of age and historical importance.
  • What are Vintage Sats?
    These sats are some of the the oldest in circulation, they mark the first 1000 blocks that were inscribed in January of 2009. Some of these sats have never moved since they were created offering a unique collectability within this sat range.
  • What are Palindromes sats?
    Palindrome sats represent a rare phenomenon where the sat has identical numbers when read forwards and backwards. These palindromic sequences hold particular value within the crypto and web3 cultures, adding a unique and sought-after dimension to the significance of these sats.
  • What are Paliblock Palindromes sats?
    In addition to being a Palindrome sat, these sats are palindromes on the block that they were minted. Adding another unique layer to collectability.
  • What to expect when you buy a Clay Collective?
    No expectations, no gimmicky utility—just handcrafted, unique, originally crafted art on the Bitcoin blockchain. While there may be occasional random perks for owning these art pieces, it's essential to recognize that the primary expectation is the ownership of the art itself, and nothing beyond that should be anticipated.
  • What are Clay Eggs?
    Clay eggs were a fun experiment conducted under 1 million inscriptions as an Indiana Jones swap mechanism. As inscriptions cannot be burned these items will be able to be swapped for fun aspects or be held as collectibles. Clay Eggs range from <300k to ~750,00 with 300 in supply. The most notable egg is egg #600,000.
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